Ohio Business Address Change: Everything You Need to Know

An Ohio business address change is required when you are moving the physical location of your business within the state.3 min read

An Ohio business address change is required when you are moving the physical location of your business within the state. You should notify:

  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies
  • Local agencies
  • All governmental departments.

No matter where you plan to move, whether it's in Ohio or to another state, you will need to notify the new agencies in the location you plan to move. On your forms, you can designate if you are just changing your mailing address or if the address where you receive legal matters is also changing.

Moving Your Business Within Ohio

If you move out of your current city or county, you will need to advise the old location of the move and apply for a business license in the new city. You will also need to let the secretary of state know and file a new fictitious name or doing business as (DBA) name in the new county. You will also need to complete IRS Form 8822 for an intrastate move.

You may need to amend your original Articles of Organization for an LLC and Articles of Incorporation for a corporation to reflect the move. Sole proprietorships who have registered their business name in the state should also inform the secretary of state on a change of address. These steps also apply if you plan to move your business out of state. There may be a small fee associated with an address change.

Notify the State Department of Revenue of your new address, so they know where to send updates on:

  • State income taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Other applicable state taxes.

You will need to notify the old department to cancel your old account, as well as notify the new department so they can set up an account for your business. Don't forget to check the status of other local licenses and permits in your new county, and let the current county know where you are moving to.

Moving Your Business to a New State

If you are moving your business out of Ohio, you will need to register your business as a legal entity in the new state, which is done through that state's secretary of state office. If you have an LLC, you may not have to set up a new business, but simply register as a foreign business in your new state.

Business owners who do not plan to come back to their state at all can, in many cases, let the state registration lapse; others may require you notify them when you are leaving. Double check what the state requirements are before letting your registration lapse, as well as with the new state on what their requirements are.