Commercial Lease Agreement Washington State

A commercial lease agreement Washington State contains statewide restrictions on rental terms.3 min read

A commercial lease agreement Washington State contains statewide restrictions on rental terms. Seattle has additional laws regarding the landlord-tenant relationship.

Washington Landlord-Tenant Laws

In Washington State, there exist several laws that govern the relationship between landlord and tenant:

  • Washington RCW §§ 59 – Landlord and Tenant.
  • Washington RCW §§ 59.04 – Tenancies.
  • Washington RCW §§ 59.18 – Residential Landlord-Tenant Act.
  • Washington RCW §§ 59.18.060 – Official Duties of a Landlord.
  • Washington RCW §§ 59.18.130 – Official Duties of a Tenant.
  • Washington RCW §§ 59.20 – Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Act.
  • Washington RCW §§ 12.36 – Small Claims Appeals.

The city of Seattle has its own additional laws:

  • Seattle Landlord Tenant Laws SMC §§ 22.206.160 – Duties of owners.
  • Seattle Laws on Property Owner and Tenant Rights and Responsibilities.

Washington Security Deposit Laws

Washington State does not place a limit on the maximum amount of a security deposit. A security deposit must be returned within 14 days of vacancy. A separate bank account for security deposits is required.

A deposit may not be collected unless a written rental agreement is provided, along with a written statement or checklist detailing the cleanliness and condition of the space and furnishings, including any damages. This itemized list shall include floors, walls, carpeting, countertops, curtains, appliances, and furniture. This document must be signed and dated by both the tenant and the landlord, and a copy must be given to the tenant.

The landlord shall also provide a receipt of the deposit, including the name, address, and location of the depository, of which the tenant should be notified if there are any changes.