Delaware DBA Search: Everything You Need to Know

A Delaware DBA search can help you learn if a business operates under an assumed name.3 min read

A Delaware DBA search can help you learn if a business operates under an assumed name. Performing such a search is also important if you're considering registering a DBA name and don't want to infringe on another business's name.

Different Delaware Business Names

Before you perform a Delaware DBA search, it's crucial that you understand that there's a difference between the trade name that a business uses and its legal name. Clarifying this issue will prevent you from wasting time on your search.

The most important part of forming a Delaware business entity is choosing an original business name that doesn't conflict with another business's registered name. In addition to this legal name, businesses can also choose another name that it wants associated with its business, which is known as a DBA.

Just as with a business's legal name, a DBA name must be unique. The difference is that you register a DBA at the county level instead of the state level. For instance, if your DBA is already registered in one county, you could not use your name in this location. You could, however, use the name in another county if it is available. You will register your DBA name at the county courthouse, so this is the first place you should visit if you're trying to determine if your desired name is available.

In Delaware, you can perform a DBA search using the Delaware judiciary's website. This website's database contains every DBA name registered in the state. All you need to do is visit the website and use a keyword to search the database. If your search reveals any registered names, you can click on a name to reveal the parent company that registered and is using the trade name.