Scamming: Different Techniques And Procedures

Although companies are trying harder and harder to prevent these scams, it is still happening.6 min read


Table of Contents:

1.0 Intro

1.1 Different types of scams

1.2 The right one for you

2.0 The Pledge scam

2.1 The Donation scam

2.2 The Selling scam

3.0 What to wear

3.1 Where to go

4.0 Thanks

1.0 The Intro


First off I would like to say that this file is for entertainment only and that you really shouldn't do the stuff mentioned, and the writer doesn't take any responsibility for any of the crap people do.

1.1 Different types of scams

Ok in this file I will tell you about 3 types of scams the Pledge scam, The Donation scam, and the Selling scam. There are many other scams out there which I will cover in future files for instance credit card scams although companies are trying harder and harder to prevent this it is still happening.

1.2 The right one for you

Alright now every person is different so in turn so are scams and some people and scams don't mix to well for instance if you way 300 Pounds you cant really say you are the start cross country runner. So if you are 300 pounds say you are the start wrestler/football player. Also age plays a BIG factor if you are 30 years old you aren't going to pass to well for a high school football player (you always could say you flunked) and if you are 10 years old people aren't going to be to anxious to give you donations to save the Rain Forests. Alright I am going to start going into more detail about the right scam for you.

Look at my little chart below:

Age | good scam

-10 | selling or pledge

11-17 | selling, pledge , or maybe even donations (if old looking)

18+ | selling and donations

2.0 The Pledge scam

Alright this scam works great for kids still in school go around asking people (that don't live around you) to pledge money for you so your team can afford to go to the state meet or what ever. For example one I use is I go to peoples houses asking for donations in my Track teams Lap- athon saying that we will be running laps for 3 hours to raise money so we can go and compete in the state meet. I will ask people if they want to pledge a certain flat amount or if they would like to pay me for each individual lap. I will normally have printed out a sheet like the one bellow on my computer.

Name Address Amount/lap

Not only does having a sheet like that help you keep track of who bought your scam and who you need to collect from it makes the target (person your trying to scam) not worried like they might be if they see you writing it on a sheet of note book paper.

Now then you have collected a list of people wiling to pledge you go back to the address you wrote down and tell them (for example you ran 91 laps in 3 hours) make sure your number is not totally out of per portion like I ran 150 laps in 3 hours. Also for some reason numbers like 50, 70, 80, 110 people don't like people like to see 41, 73, 127, etc.. don't ask me why but that's what I have noticed. Ok so you now are at the persons house and they ask if they can write a check oh shit not a check.. well there's a couple things you could do ask them if they could possibly make it cash ( Might make them suspicious) ask them to write it to your coach give them your name (VERY dangerous) or you could just give them a phony name and lose out. One time this happened to me a lady pledged me $.25 a lap (very high amount you won't get much of these) and I told her I ran 93 laps she believed me and wanted to make out a check for the amount which was about $23 at that time I just happened to be buying some computer equipment I knew the guy's name so I gave her that name and I paid for some of the equipment with that check. Like I said earlier a 300 pound guy isn't going to be convincing for running 90 some laps in 3 hours. So customize it to your self.

2.1 The Donation scam

This scam works better for the older people out there just because people normally aren't to anxious to give a ten year old Twenty dollars to help save the whales. Ok with this scam you need to know what about what you are going to try to fake donations for so example if you are going to pose as a volunteer person to collect donations for saving the rain forest you better know something about rain forest, Be cause you never know when your going to run into that know it all rain forest hater who will try to debate why people should spend their money on saving some trees and such. It is a good idea to do some research on the field you will be portraying (read magazine and newspaper articles). Ok so now you have your idea and your ready to go, this is a scenario of how it might go:

You: Hello sir/ma'am I represent the national foundation of Rain forest saving (try to use a real group name) we are currently searching for funding for our operations at saving the rain forests of the world would you be interested in donating some money for our cause?

Them: Why do we need the rain forest?

You: (just keep bullshitting along..)

Them: OK, here's $20.

(they also may say:)

Them: Get the fuck off my property before I shoot your ass.

(make sure that you don't raise a riot then but later that night go back and egg the hell out of the house..)

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