How To Incorporate in Missouri: Everything You Need To Know

To understand how to incorporate in Missouri, you must follow the process established by state law.3 min read

To understand how to incorporate in Missouri, you must follow the process established by state law. This involves filing paperwork with the Missouri Corporations Division.

Naming Your Missouri Corporation

The first step in establishing a corporation is choosing a name. Your business name must not replicate the name of another business already registered in Missouri and must adhere to other state naming laws. For example, your name must legally include the word Company, Corporation, Limited, or Incorporated. It may not include the words Redevelopment, Insurance Company, Bank, or Cooperative. When you decide on a name, you can search on the Secretary of State website to find out if it's available. You can reserve an available name for up to 60 days for a $25 fee, but this step is not required.

Filing Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation is a legal document that indicates:

  • The name of your business.
  • The aggregate value of authorized stock shares.
  • The name and address of the incorporating party.
  • The name and address of your Missouri registered agent.
  • The corporation's purpose.
  • The number of directors.

This document must be submitted to the state Corporations Division. The Articles of Incorporation requires a fee starting at $58 depending on the amount of capital the business will issue. It also includes a convenience fee for online filing, a payment to the state technology fund, and a fee to issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

If you file your articles online, the incorporation will be processed within three business days. If you file by mail, processing can take up to a week.

Every year, you must renew your Articles of Incorporation by filing an Annual Registration Report. The deadline is the end of the month when you incorporated. This report can also be filed online, subject to a $20 filing fee, through the Missouri Secretary of State. Keep in mind that the initial registration report is due within 30 days of incorporation. Late filing is subject to a $15 fee. You can file this report either online or through the mail, but paper filings carry an extra $40 fee.

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