What is a Good Business to Start in Texas?

The answer is wide-ranging due to a solid economy that comfortably supports sectors including telecommunications, medical research, healthcare, and technology.3 min read

What is a good business to start in Texas? The answer is wide-ranging due to a solid economy that comfortably supports sectors including telecommunications, medical research, healthcare, and technology. Texas also provides reduced taxes for businesses, low-cost housing and quality education.

Texas has been named as the "Best State for Business" by CNBC and benefits both large and small businesses. The Lone Star State is home to major corporations including ExxonMobil, AT&T, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Texas isn't just a haven for larger corporations; smaller businesses also benefit from corporate laws and tax benefits. Houston, Dallas, and Austin are also ideal locations for entrepreneurs.

Top Businesses to Start in Texas

There are a variety of options for those interested in starting a business in Texas. Examples include:

  • Coffee Shop: In well-trafficked areas, coffee shops are frequently visited by shoppers, workers on breaks, and those who need a pick me up in the morning. To increase profits, add in donuts, bagels, and other pastries.
  • Gift Shop: While gift shops tend to have increased seasonal activity during Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and other major holidays, sales can be made all year.
  • Hardware Store: Hardware stores have benefits at startup including having a low initial outlay and specific skills are not required. Also, placing the store in a busy area and creating an online presence gives two avenues to increase total profits.
  • Laundry Service: Laundry is a necessity for everyone and when put in the right location, it is a great business to start. All you need is some capital and the equipment to get started.
  • Appliance Repair Business: Experience in appliance repair is recommended when opening this type of business. If you have this experience, this is a great way to showcase your talent in fixing home and garden equipment.
  • Home Health Care: The baby boomer age group is getting older, so the need for non-medical care including personal care, homemaker, and companion services is steadily growing. As a business owner, you can start small and build up clientele through word of mouth.
  • Recycling Business: Small recycling plants are allowed in Texas. These facilities separate plastic, paper and glass from waste locations. The sorted materials can then be used to make products or sell them to wholesalers.
  • Math Center: These centers are ideal for students looking for additional assistance with mathematics.
  • Medical Billing Service: With solid marketing and networking skills, this business that handles medical claims payments has great potential for a high-profit margin.
  • Senior Home Care: Home care businesses focus on nursing care for the elderly. With a growing elderly population, this business is in great need.
  • Adult Daycare: For seniors who are living with family, adult day care is a great option to provide access to a community, nutritional assistance and daily activities. These businesses require a skilled, professional staff.
  • Savings Consulting Service: This type of service provides financial planning services, monitors the markets and updates client strategies for long-term savings and financial growth.
  • Fitness Club: A great fitness club is ideal for those looking to offer a way for people to be healthy and fit.
  • Healthy Vending Machine: These vending machines stand out from regular machines by offering healthy snack options including fruit, fresh juices and other healthy snacks. An ideal location for profitability would be in busy areas near fitness clubs and airports.
  • Sales and Sales Management Training: The key to success for all businesses is the ability to know how to sell your product or service. As a training center, programs are offered to salespeople and sales managers to better these skills and increase their profits. This business, run properly, can be a continual profit center.
  • Home Inspection Service: Real estate is booming in Texas, and the need for qualified home inspectors is needed across the state. This business can begin on a small scale and grow as the business grows.
  • Social Media Consultant: As a social media consultant, you work with other companies to raise their brand awareness through their social media presence. This small-scale business requires little startup capital.
  • Ice Cream Parlor: Capitalize on the Texas heat with an ice cream parlor that can stay open year-round by offering high-quality products.

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