Patent Application Online: Everything You Need to Know

Completing a patent application online is the fastest and easiest way to file for legal protection of an invention, design or other idea.3 min read

Should I Request a Patent Search?

Before applying for a patent, your first step should be to request an extensive search of existing patents. If your invention isn't a good option for a patent, you can learn this before you waste a lot of money and time submitting a patent application. A patent search can also help you improve how patentable your invention may be, especially if you find similar existing patents. If this is the case, you can alter your invention and increase the chances of it being patented.

Patent Search

By conducting a patent search, you can save money and time before you start completing the application process. It's critical to identify any published applications or existing patents that are similar to what you are applying to patent.

Provisional Patent Application

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