Oregon Business Name Registration

An Oregon business name registration is the name in which a business is legally registered.3 min read

An Oregon business name registration is the name in which a business is legally registered. If you want to do business in a name other than what is already registered, then you should file for a DBA.

Doing Business As (DBA)

A DBA stands for ‘doing business as.' Business owners will file for a DBA when they want to operate a business that is separate from a currently registered name. A DBA is sometimes referred to as a fictitious or trade name.

The state of Oregon encourages any business that operates under another name to file a DBA with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division. It is important to note that Oregon law does not require the filing of a DBA, but doing so can make it easier for business owners to complete tasks such as opening a bank account or to receive payments.

The following types of businesses are required to register with Oregon's secretary of state:

  • Limited partnerships.
  • Limited liability partnerships.
  • Limited liability companies.
  • Corporations.
  • Professional corporations.
  • Nonprofit corporations.
  • Professional associations.

Before applying for a DBA for any of these businesses in Oregon, it is best to first search the secretary of state's records. Registered business names are held for two years, and businesses have the option to extend this timeline.

Steps to File a DBA in Oregon

You should follow these steps if you want to file a DBA in Oregon:

  • Check that your intended business name is available. Avoid choosing a name that is too close to that of an already existing business. You can easily search available business names with the Oregon Business Name Search Tool. You can search existing trademarks at the Trademark Electronic Search System. After you have chosen a name that is available, you can register it.
  • Complete the registration form: Setting up an account with the state of Oregon is easy. The form will require that you provide the DBA name, a detailed description of the business, any trusted individuals that are a part of the business, the business location, the address of the business, and the real name and address of any members. The form should also be signed by all members.