Make a Trademark: Everything You Need to Know

The process to making a trademark differentiates goods and/or services from each other. It's different from registering a business name and company name.3 min read

The process to make a trademark differentiates goods and/or services from each other. This is different and separate from registering a business name and company name. The last two relate to business administration and contact addresses under the law. ?A business name doesn't give you rights or ownership to the name, only a trademark can do this.

What Is a Trademark?

In the commercial world, a trademark is a sign to distinguish services and/or goods from each other. It can be anything from a number, word, color, picture, smell, logo or any combination of these.

Your trademark can become your most valuable asset. Can you imagine if Coca-Cola had no trademark with all of their property?

If you don't get it right the first time, this can cost a lot of money in the future. Attorneys who deal with patents are not cheap and the trademark office has strict governing laws. It's in your interest to own the name and not just the manner it's represented.

What Is a TM?

TM is just a mark that is incorporated by the company in its business conduct. TM signals an unregistered trademark. No protection is provided with a TM, but the symbol placed on the top right of your logo is a good technique while you wait for an official registration.

Reasons to add a TM in a business name include:

  • It fools competitors in thinking you already have a trademark.
  • Your business will have a more credible presence.
  • The visuals of your logo won't change much as it will go from TM to ®.

What are the Trademark Naming Requirements?

  • Unique - Go ahead and get creative. You have to come up with a name that hasn't been heard of in the English language. It doesn't have to do with your product and you can make it up, taking from your concept, service or product.
  • Unregistrable Words - Geographic names, common surnames, and common trade names used in your type of business.