The Family Law Topic Area


  • Science v. Feminist's on Domestic Violence Reality
  • Citizenship Certificates for Citizens Children & Wives
  • Palimony Complaint Against Bob Dylan in L.A. Superior Court
  • 'Defense of Marriage Act' '96 H.R. 3396 Summary/Analysis
  • The Ten Commandments of Family Law Economics
  • About Unmarried Couples Living Together
  • Family Law Law Course Outline, 27k, Zip


  • Adoption
  • Children - Rights, Responsibilities, Troubles
  • Protecting the Welfare of Minors -- The Calif Juvenile Court

  • Child Custody
  • Custody Agreement (for MD)
  • Child Custody and Visitation Basics
  • Spare the Custody Fight, Save the Children
  • Building Child Custody Agreements that Work
  • Calif. Judge says Joint Custody Foes Unbalanced
  • 28 USC 1738a -- Full Faith/Credit Re: Child Custody
  • Lesbian Mom Appeals Giving Child Custody to Killer Dad

  • Child Support for the Non-Married
  • Some Basic Child Support Information
  • Additional Information On Child Support
  • A Brief History of Child Support Doctrine
  • Child Support Enforcement Cong. Testimony '92
  • Testimony on Child Support Laws Before House Sub-Comm.


  • Proposed?? Uniform Premarital Agreement Act
  • The Basics of Alimony
  • The Basics of Divorce
  • The Client's Divorce Kit
  • Domestic Relations Outline
  • Basic Info on Divorce & Dissolution
  • Guiding Your Client Through Divorce
  • Keeping Legal Fees Down During a Divorce
  • Husband Seeks Divorce Over On-Line Affair
  • Property Re Termination of Marriage Outline
  • Second Wives Fight for First Place in their Marriages
  • Settling Family Disputes - Guide to the Calif Family Court
  • 6 Tax Tips for Divorcinc Couples
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