LLC in Washington: Everything You Need to Know

An LLC in Washington allows you to register with the Department of Revenue and this is a requirement for almost every business.3 min read

An LLC in Washington allows you to register with the Department of Revenue. This is a requirement for almost every business. If you plan to hire employees or to pay taxes, you will need to secure a Washington business license (WBL) with the state.

The good thing about this process is that your Washington business license will not only register you to the state but also the city in which you plan to operate. Once you have secured your license, you may also be eligible for minor work permits, unemployment insurance, and even trade names.

Steps to Starting an LLC in Washington

There are several in-depth steps to starting an LLC in Washington:

  1. Set a name for your company. This should also include your business identifier (i.e., LLC). You will not be able to use a name that is already registered. Be sure to check the secretary of state's website to search for your desired name and to make sure it is available.
  2. File a certificate of formation. This will go to the secretary of state, accompanied by a fee of $180 for paper filings or $200 if you are filing online. Even though online filings come with a higher price tag, you may want to consider it. Online processing can take anywhere from two to five business days, whereas paper filings are allowed up to 25 business days. This certificate will legally establish your LLC in Washington. In this certificate, you will include basic information, including your company name, the official business address, and the registered agent.